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        If it's not in my portfolio it's because I just haven't done it yet!
       Bill Wieger is a world class artist creating some of the most dynamic and ultra-realistic artwork in the world. His exceptional talent in Sculpture, Illustration and Conceptual Design sets him apart from other working artist by enabling him to create just about any subject at any scale. Not only known for his life-like works but it is said that his art lives and breathes as if you can see what the subject is thinking. Bill has over 30 years experience as a professional artist and customer service is his number one priority. Working with commercial, public or private commissions as well as selling his own creations he encompasses a wide range of the art market. Sculpture is Bill’s main discipline, creating works in bronze, resin, fiberglass, foam, and epoxy. From marine animals and wildlife to human likeness and Sci-Fi/Fantasy, there are no limits to his abilities. Although known primarily as a sculptor, Bill is just as talented as an illustrator and conceptual designer which the latter may be his strongest talent. Bill exceeds all expectations in quality and client satisfaction no matter how large or small, simple or complex the project might be.
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