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Vermithrax 02-Resin-14"x13"x7"-Available for Sale Painted or Kit-2006
Tarrna-Resin-1/6 scale-Available for Sale Painted or Kit-2005
Concept Darth Vader-Resin-Private Commission-2007
Howling Bust-Resin-24"x24"18"-Available Painted or Kit-2004
Howling Figure-Resin-1/6 scale-Available for Sale Painted or Kit-2004
Werewolf Mask-Silicone and Fiberglass-Lifesize-Created for Halloween Prop Company-2009
Alien 3-Resin-Lifesize-Available for Sale Painted or Kit-2003
Dragon Rider-Resin-9"x7"x8"-Available for Sale Painted or Kit-2003
Godzilla 64-Resin-12"x9"x8"-Commissioned from Blackheart Studios
Kong vs Rex-Resin-6"x7"x5"-Available for Sale Painted or Kit-2004
Male Species-Latex-Lifesize-Created for the movie"Species"-1994
Giger Chair-Clay-Lifesize-Created for Distortion-1994
Daggerist-Super Sculpy-6"x5"x3"-Private Commission-1990
Zombie-Latex-Lifesize-Commission by a Halloween Prop Company-2007
Taco Bell Alien-Latex-Lifesize-Created for Super Bowl Commercial-1994
Clown-Clay-30"x29"x18"-Commission for Halloween Prop Company-2009